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Q: Should we mail our ticket donations to you?
A: Please DO NOT MAIL your tickets to us directly without contacting us first! We hope that we can place your tickets using the following methods (in preferred order):
  • E-Ticket Transfer
  • Will Call
  • Direct to Hero (by mail etc..)
  • Through a campus coordinator when possible
Please understand that we have timeline concerns and mailing tickets to us directly in large part is an unnecessary step which might cause those tickets to go unused! When time permits, we can certainly work with tickets to get them placed, but please review your electronic options first.

Q: Should I sign up to donate tickets?
A: Yes! We can work more efficiently with our ticket matching system!

Q: How do you match tickets? How will the donor and Hero be notified?
A: We match tickets and Heroes early in the week - but we can also match future games during this time. An email will notify the Hero of the opportunity. Once the Hero accepts the tickets, and email will go out to both of you with directions on how to transfer the tickets based upon the method you designated when you donated the tickets.

Q: Can you accomodate wounded soldiers with special circumstances?
A: Yes! We reserve tickets that provide special accomodations such as elevator access and proximity to the first aid station especially for these Heroes. Please make sure you let us know when accomodations are needed.

Q: Does the GameDay For Heroes site use cookies?
A: Yes. The GameDay For Heroes internal (for Heroes and Donors) website uses cookies. You will need to enable cookies, or add an exception to the settings of your web browser.

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Q: How do I donate tickets?
A: Please see our STEP BY STEP Instructions for details. Thank you for your support!

Q: Are shipping and/or E-Transfer costs deductible?
A: Please see your accountant for personal tax deduction information, however, we do allow you to update the associated transfer costs in your donation to Gameday For Heroes. Please see our instruction for updating shipping and/or transfer costs.